Facebook points out that loan scammers may send messages via Messenger and also leave posts and comments on Pages and in Groups to … The “Message” icon isn’t available when User 1 tries to message User 2, so User 1 can not directly contact User 2 via Facebook Messages. When you unfriend someone, you can see them elsewhere on Facebook or on Messenger. 1- Either they have blocked you on messenger or have deactivated their messenger. Conclusion: You Can't Send Messages on Facebook. It means that she has deactivated her account but she chose to keep her messenger active. This spam filtering will not affect the messages you get from your Facebook friends, but may apply to other messages you receive through Messenger. For some reason, Mark Zuckerberg's social media behemoth doesn't send you a … Group messages have a 150-recipient limit, but groups allow you to reach any of your friends … Being not able to send a message on Facebook can be a bit frustrating because what you want is to stay connected with your friends and family. Through Facebook, you will be able to see more people than you can even meet in person. Facebook query :I can't view my friends profile on Facebook ,but I can see it in messenger (it also shows the profile picture and all messages) and it shows status "you were friends on Facebook" what does it mean please help. ... Messenger and Facebook accounts are separate, so you can have one without the other. However, if you have installed Messenger separately, you will need to uninstall that as well. Navigate to https://facebook.com on your computer. It'sbecause they have blocked your messages. You've blocked the person you're trying to message or they’ve blocked you. Perhaps, unfriending is different from blocking. Messages that are likely to contain spam may be filtered on Facebook and Messenger, even if they come from people you’ve allowed to send you message requests or messages to your Chats list. I too keep my account deactivated for months on a stretch, but with messenger active. This method will help you create a new Facebook discussion group, which is a different from sending a group message. The person you’re trying to message deactivated or deleted their account. The messages are from people who you're not friends with on Facebook, and are logged as "message requests". There can be two reasons where you are not able to text someone you have been texting on messenger. Yes,this can be done. You are correct on Facebook. Which stops him/her from receiving text messages. Facebook User 1 needs to message Facebook User 2 for some reason, but User 1 and User 2 aren’t friends. ; You’re trying to respond to a group conversation that the other members of the conversation have already left. Not blocking you entirely, but they might have only have opted out of recieving messages from you.
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